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Appetite for Murder:
A Mystery Lover's Cookbook
by Kathy Borich

A tantalizing slant on cooking and crime. Relive your favorite classic detective stories and then whip up the food that caught the culprit.

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An Illustrated Introduction to Classical Horsemanship: Concepts and Skills from A to Z
by Gary Borich

A comprehensive resource in a succinct alphabetical format that brings the beginning rider through every aspect of learning to train and ride for show and trail.

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Classic & Crime

Often been surprised by a movie after what a film critic said about it? Ever felt cheated out of big bucks on the recommendations of a punk 24-year-old? Or really loved the ones they panned? Well, you no longer need to feel out of step with the current movie review band. Different Drummer is for you. Read more about our take on the film world. And get ready to relive your favorite movies with the recipes that follow each review.


The Secret in Their Eyes: Buenos Aires Hearts of Palm Salad Recipe

This 2009 Oscar winner in the Best Foreign Language film category is a slow tango through a twenty-five-year-old brutal rape/murder that has obsessed an Argentine detective. As with that exotic dance step, expect to find sudden reversals and quick dips into the past, not to mention the rose in the teeth romanticism in the form of the beautiful judge who helps him.

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American Sniper: Texas Chicken-Fried Steak Recipe

They just don’t get it. All those sanctimonious critics labeling American Sniper a war-mongering film celebrating a killer. Fortunately, the American public does get it, to the tune of its record-shattering opening that has netted over $100 million so far.

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Lone Survivor: Afghan Lamb Kebabs

Step aside Iron Man and Batman. America's real heroes are here. Lone Survivor carries on the patriotic legacy. The film makes you realize what our troops do for our country and how government rules and our media can literally kill our soldiers.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Tex/Czech Kolache Recipe

Forget Jason Bourne’s death defying chases, or James Bond’s wit and savior faire. As in real life, the significant events in this classic espionage film are in muted greys, shadows gliding past us without revealing their true significance.

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The Imitation Game: Bangers and Mash Recipe

Meet Alan Turing, the eccentric genius who cracked the infamous Nazi Enigma code and probably shortened World War II by 2 to 4 years. Benedict Cumberbatch embodies all the arrogant awkwardness of the socially backward mathematician with his own acting genius as well.

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