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Appetite for Murder:
A Mystery Lover's Cookbook
by Kathy Borich

A tantalizing slant on cooking and crime. Relive your favorite classic detective stories and then whip up the food that caught the culprit.

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An Illustrated Introduction to Classical Horsemanship: Concepts and Skills from A to Z
by Gary Borich

A comprehensive resource in a succinct alphabetical format that brings the beginning rider through every aspect of learning to train and ride for show and trail.

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Classic & Crime

Often been surprised by a movie after what a film critic said about it? Ever felt cheated out of big bucks on the recommendations of a punk 24-year-old? Or really loved the ones they panned? Well, you no longer need to feel out of step with the current movie review band. Different Drummer is for you. Read more about our take on the film world. And get ready to relive your favorite movies with the recipes that follow each review.


Ladies in Lavender: Stargazey Pie Recipe

Ladies in Lavender is the little unappreciated gem Different Drummer has been promising you. If you think story telling is all about plot, you will be disappointed, like most of the assorted critics that damned it with faint praise. But if you want to see the human heart revealed in its infinite complexity, run don’t walk to watch this classic.

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Indiana Beach: Shafer Lake Salad

Oh, how times have changed. Especially weddings. It has been over 48 years since that simmering August of 1968, when I married the love of my life. We honeymooned at his family cottage in rural Indiana for the grand sum of $50 – and that was spent on groceries! But when we went back there a few years ago, we didn't count on getting such a gourmet lunch at what is still essentially an Indiana Honky Tonk.

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No Escape: Lemongrass, Lime & Thai Basil Mojito Recipe

Don’t let the PC police keep you away from this fast-paced thriller. If you ever thought your first day on the job was bad, how about taking your whole family half way around the world to a country that has just erupted in a bloody coup?

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Patriot Games: English Trifle with Fresh Raspberries and Sherry Drizzle Recipe

Tom Clancy. Harrison Ford in his heyday. Free on Amazon Prime. What’s not to like? Take a trip back a few decades to a world a little more sane. A narrative not preachy, not edgy, and completely devoid of the nihilism that seems to have taken up permanent residence in today’s Hollywood.

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On the Waterfront: Hoboken Happy Hour Recipe

It’s dark and dirty on the docks in Hoboken, New Jersey, a jungle of crime and corruption. Squeal and you’ll have a convenient “accident,” the longshoremen unloading your carcass with the same muscled efficiency they use to ply their trade.


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