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Appetite for Murder:
A Mystery Lover's Cookbook
by Kathy Borich

A tantalizing slant on cooking and crime. Relive your favorite classic detective stories and then whip up the food that caught the culprit.

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An Illustrated Introduction to Classical Horsemanship: Concepts and Skills from A to Z
by Gary Borich

A comprehensive resource in a succinct alphabetical format that brings the beginning rider through every aspect of learning to train and ride for show and trail.

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Classic & Crime

Often been surprised by a movie after what a film critic said about it? Ever felt cheated out of big bucks on the recommendations of a punk 24-year-old? Or really loved the ones they panned? Well, you no longer need to feel out of step with the current movie review band. Different Drummer is for you. Read more about our take on the film world. And get ready to relive your favorite movies with the recipes that follow each review.

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Mother: Korean Seasoned Potato Recipe

This Korean mystery seems a Hitchcock/Coen Brothers hybrid, full of ironic twists and dark humor, eccentric characters and tortured relationships as it plumbs the depths of a mother’s relentless devotion to her mentally challenged son.

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Unknown: Berlin Scalloped Potatoes

It’s a dizzy cocktail of confusion, panic, and paranoia reminiscent of the grand master, Alfred Hitchcock. In Berlin to attend a conference, Dr. Martin Harris awakens after a car crash to find his wife does not recognize him, and another man has claimed his identity.

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Run All Night: Champ - Irish Mashed Potato Recipe

It’s not predictable. It’s inevitable. And that’s a big difference. It’s what you get when pros like Liam Neeson and Ed Harris endow their characters with a tragic vision.

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Bright Star: Orange and Walnut Crumpet Recipe

In the dark sky of current movie releases hovers a single Bright Star that is incandescent. This tender love story of romantic poet John Keats and his ladylove is as delicate, ephemeral, and beautiful as the butterflies that flitter across the fields beyond his doorway.

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Red Cliff, Parts I and II: Lantern Festival Rice Ball Recipe

This two part Asian release by John Woo has it all, an epic war film on a par with Gone with the Wind or Excalibur, the classics Beowulf or The Iliad. It is fierce with fighting, blood, and death, with no post-modern apologies.

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