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Appetite for Murder:
A Mystery Lover's Cookbook
by Kathy Borich

A tantalizing slant on cooking and crime. Relive your favorite classic detective stories and then whip up the food that caught the culprit.

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An Illustrated Introduction to Classical Horsemanship: Concepts and Skills from A to Z
by Gary Borich

A comprehensive resource in a succinct alphabetical format that brings the beginning rider through every aspect of learning to train and ride for show and trail.

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Classic & Crime

Often been surprised by a movie after what a film critic said about it? Ever felt cheated out of big bucks on the recommendations of a punk 24-year-old? Or really loved the ones they panned? Well, you no longer need to feel out of step with the current movie review band. Different Drummer is for you. Read more about our take on the film world. And get ready to relive your favorite movies with the recipes that follow each review.


To Live: Szechuan Hot Chili Oil on Noodles Recipe

No wonder it was banned in China, and its director and star were placed under gag orders. To Live depicts all too well the brutal upheavals of the communist revolution in this poignant saga of one family trying to survive its embrace.

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Zathura: Dagwood Sandwich Recipe

You’ll never look at a board game in quite the same way after Zathura takes you on a wild ride past meteor showers, black holes, and flesh-eating space lizards.

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Waitress: Chocolate Strawberry Pie Recipe

Do not miss this delightfully outrageous tale of a small town waitress who copes with her soap opera life by creating pies that mirror her daily traumas. And the cast of assorted eccentrics is as unpredictable and whimsically delicious as the ingredients that overflow from the pastry.

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Gran Torino: Hmong Stir-Fry

Dirty Harry in retirement. Or coming out of it to finish off a few gangbanger thugs. At least, that’s what the trailers would have you believe. But this 2008 Clint Eastwood venture has a lot more depth and philosophical heft than you might expect.

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Cool Hand Luke: Easy Deviled Eggs

Paul Newman, so young and georgeous in this 1967 epic, fills the screen by trying not to in this tale of a likeable yet self-destructive rebel.

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