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Appetite for Murder:
A Mystery Lover's Cookbook
by Kathy Borich

A tantalizing slant on cooking and crime. Relive your favorite classic detective stories and then whip up the food that caught the culprit.

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An Illustrated Introduction to Classical Horsemanship: Concepts and Skills from A to Z
by Gary Borich

A comprehensive resource in a succinct alphabetical format that brings the beginning rider through every aspect of learning to train and ride for show and trail.

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Classic & Crime

Often been surprised by a movie after what a film critic said about it? Ever felt cheated out of big bucks on the recommendations of a punk 24-year-old? Or really loved the ones they panned? Well, you no longer need to feel out of step with the current movie review band. Different Drummer is for you. Read more about our take on the film world. And get ready to relive your favorite movies with the recipes that follow each review.


Defiance: Potato Babka Recipe

They are defenseless. Many are old or ailing, but the cadre of Jews who join the Beilski brothers in their forest hideout vow to survive and resist the Nazi invasion of their homeland. They may die, but they will die on their feet with guns in hand, not cowering in their ghettos.

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: German Potato Soup Recipe

Don’t watch this film looking to confirm any feel good notions about the inherent goodness of man. If, however, you are ready for an unflinching portrait of one of our darkest hours, a poignant tale that will haunt you for days, you cannot miss this story about an unlikely friendship that flourishes during World War II.

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12 Strong: Afghan Bolani (Potato Stuffed Flat Bread) Recipe

Remember that crazy scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones is chasing down a truck on horseback? Well, in this film, the horse soldiers aren’t after a mere truck. They are facing tanks, heavy weapons, and rocket launchers at a full gallop.

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Dunkirk: French Potato Salad Recipe

This epic war film is unconventional in every way. First of all, it is not a winning battle for the English and their Allies. In fact, it is not a battle at all, but a retreat and evacuation, which nevertheless, has the heroics of the greatest battles of all.

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Act of Valor: Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Rice and Beans)

Using real Navy SEALS, this low budget 2012 film took in twice its production costs on opening weekend alone. Probably because it has the courage to identify America’s real enemies, not Hollywood’s “reel” ones.

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