Planes: Fire and Rescue: Campfire S’mores Recipe

Year Released: 2014
Directed by: Roberts Gannaway 
Starring: Dane Cook, Ed Harris, Julie Bowen 
(PG, 84 min.)
Animation, Kids and Family


Pack your bags as we head to the Fusselodge, where Dusty Crophopper, famous for winning the Wings Around the Globe rally, becomes the world’s first crop-duster/firefighter.  Even with a broken gearbox, he powers through a difficult “tail” of bravery and sacrifice.  When a wildfire burns through the lodge, Dusty is the first on the case, rescuing planes and cars alike.

I took particular interest because of the way it explains the job of smokejumpers and aerial fire fighters. I was also fascinated because I have a dad who has always had a flair for aviation and airplanes. The digital view in the film reminds me of times I have been flying with my dad, especially the mountains and vast, grassy fields. Since most of you have been in an airplane, you might share this connection.

Don't pay attention to those “professional” critics who complain about the corny jokes in the movie. This junior critic thought they were hilarious! I guess when you reach a certain age, you lose your sense of humor!

These Campfire S’mores are just the thing to top off this terrific movie.

–Weston: Junior Critic, the Peanut Gallery

Peanut Gallery member Weston loves to observe life.  The 10 year old has a wry sense of humor, and whether he has his nose buried in a book, or is dribbling on the basketball court, he is on top of the situation.  Like his famous lefty basketball layups, Weston’s movie tips will score points with readers.