The Peanut Gallery’s Captain America: Winter Soldier - Conspiracy Mocktail Recipe

Year Released: 2014

Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo 

Starring: Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Redford

(PG-13, 136 min.)

Genre: Action and Adventure, Science Fiction and Fantasy

Today Different Drummer turns it over to The Peanut Gallery, our youngest crowd of critics. They loved Captain America: Winter Soldier almost as much or more than I did.  The real proof - over 2 hours of rapt attention at the show, quite something for 5 to 10 year-olds.

You’ve heard from Gram and Emmett before , but today you get the whole crowd.

His second time at bat Captain America hits a homerun.  The sequel is actually better than the first movie because this time the Captain has more enemies, especially the Winter Soldier, an amazing actor who gives off a scent of quiet danger.

This movie is perfect for 9 to 16-year-old boys.  It would be okay for young girls and boys, but some of the violent scenes may scare them.  

Peanut Gallery Critic – Gram, age 10


Captain America strikes again in the theaters.  I recommend this to everyone, especially young adults, because of its action-packed humor and suspense.  When I watched this movie, I had a hard time seeing flaws.  The only thing I saw was that there needed to be a little more humor.

I think we can all agree that the sequel was WAY BETTER than the first movie.  When you do a comparison, there is no contest, mainly because some enemies are under cover.

Peanut Gallery Critic – Weston, age 9


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is awesome.  I thought the sequel was better than the first Captain America because in the first movie, Captain America had one main enemy.  Here he has many. You could tell some of the enemies were bad guys, but some were hidden and you might think they’re good guys. 

I think this movie is appropriate for 7, 8, and 9-year-old boys or girls, but it might scare them. 

Peanut Gallery Critic – Emmett, age 7


I loved Captain America because the fight scenes were like a combination of *Parkour and gymnastics.  They jumped off walls and did tremendous back flips and they always landed on their feet – just like a cat does.

Maybe some kids my age (6-7-year-olds) would be a little frightened by all the fighting and guns, but they didn’t show blood, so I was not scared.

*Parkour is a combination of running and martial arts.

Peanut Gallery Critic – Ava, age 6


I liked Captain America because he’s on the good side.  I really like his new friend, Falcon, especially when he saves Captain American from the ocean.

Sometimes there was too much hurting ‘cause Captain American almost died.

Peanut Gallery Critic – Jack, age 5

The Peanut Gallery

The Peanut Gallery was how Buffalo Bob, a character from that 1950s "Howdy Doody" television show, referred to studio audience of children.  I have since found out that the term goes back to vaudeville and was a nickname for the cheapest seats in the theatre, whose occupants were most likely to heckle those on stage, often throwing peanuts at the performers.  Phrases like “no comments from the peanut gallery,” or “quiet in the peanut gallery,” still echo from my childhood.

Our Texas Peanut Gallery of critics is anything but quiet, though, and we welcome their comments ­­– after the show, of course.

Gram, (middle in the back row) is a sports fanatic.  Right now the 10 year old is a pitcher known for his fastball and his dramatic windup on the mound.  His film judgments are as hard and swift as his pitches, too.

Weston, (left in the back row) loves to observe life.  The 9 year old has a wry sense of humor, and whether he has his nose buried in a book or is dribbling on the basketball court, he is on top of the situation.  Like his famous lefty basketball layups, Weston’s movie tips will score points with readers.

Emmett (right in the back row) loves history and piano.  The 7-year-old also does a pretty good soft shoe, too, once earning 7 dollars dancing on a corner near Broadway in New York City.  Like his music and dance, he brings balance and harmony to his reviews.

Ava (left in front row) devours life fearlessly.  The 6-year-old has an insatiable zest for life and brings the same passion and clarity to her reviews as she does her to gymnastics, singing, and Rodeo “Mutton Busting.”  Not much gets past this petite fireball.

Jack (right in front row) is never at a loss for words. Even as the 5 year old woke up from a mid movie nap, he began commenting on the action without a pause. The kindergarten crowd will get the lowdown from Jack.

Film-Loving Foodie:

Conspiracy Cocktail from Different Drummer’s review of this film has a non alcoholic twin for the kiddies. Our “Conspiracy Mocktail” is actually a stand in for champagne.  The Peanut Gallery loved toasting their hero as they washed down their pepperoni pizzas.

Like the film, our Conspiracy Mocktail is tangy and fresh, and bubbling with excitement.

Conspiracy Mocktail Recipe


  • 12 ounces chilled cran-apple juice
  • 12 ounces chilled white grape juice
  • 30 ounces chilled ginger ale

(Yields 12 servings)


Combine ingredients and serve in champagne flutes. For an added touch of elegance, float a strawberry or frozen raspberry in each glass.

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