Weston Reviews Maleficent: Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Recipe

Year Released: 2014
Directed by: Robert  Stromberg
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Elling Fanning, Sharito Copley, Sam Riley
(PG, 97 min.)
Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy


I thought that the movie called Maleficent would be a great film and I don't think I was mistaken either. It portrays the side of the "evil witch" left unrevealed in the original movie Sleeping Beauty.

The new Disney film even unveils some parts of the sleeping beauty legend not only left untold, but possibly portrayed inaccurately in the original, which I found surprising. When I watched Sleeping Beauty afterward, it didn't really feel the same as before.

I would recommend this film to all ages, and especially those who can comprehend the differences and similarities between the two movies. I think it is advisable, though, to make sure the audience has seen or knows the plot of Sleeping Beauty.

My favorite part is when Maleficent gets her wings back, mostly because of all the anticipation and anxiety in the scene. My favorite character, of course, is Maleficent, because of her bravery and cunning towards the humans who had betrayed her. 


Enjoy this film with some wonderful Maleficent inspired Chocolate Dipped Strawberries via the IT Mom.

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